Infobrief Design for Ansys “5G and the Need for Simulation”


I enjoyed working on this infobrief design for 5G and its simulation. I think it’s more of a process on tranferring the Analysts’ 5G knowledge to an easy to understand and beautiful information presentation.

Digital Transformation is happening around all industries. 5G ensures rapid communication between connected products. This panel shows some of 5G use cases and characteristics.

This infobrief also tells you why simulation is the mission-critical technology for 5G. To see full version of this pdf infobrief, click

AWS Industrial IoT Infographic Design

AWS Industrial IoT_IG_mainPanel

Industrial Internet of Things(IIoT) is slightly different from the IoT we usually talk about. IIoT bridges the gap between legacy industrial equipment and infrastructure and new technologies such as machine learning, cloud, mobile and edge computing. After designing a few IoT infographics and Infobriefs, this infographic was focusing on creating the industrial icons and keeping the consistent style with AWS Style Guide.

AWS Industrial IoT_IG_4thPanel

I spent relatively longer time with client on this 4th panel design. The hard part is how to depict the concept of “challenges of IIoT Deployment”.

To see full version of this infographic in pdf format, click here